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  • Afraid not, Reen! ^^ I'll be 48 in February, and my daughter is indeed 22, but thank you for thinking that I'm in my 30's! You made my day! :D
    Oh, Reen, I'm so sorry; I'm such an idiot! -_- I didn't know there was a place on my profile page where I could see those that give rep. :( If I'd known, I would have thanked you when you gave it to me. I'm sorry. Thank you, even though it is very belated. :(
    Hi Reen.Blom
    Thankyou for your welcome, and for the info on the National Belly Dance Day.
    I'm so excited about it, for our dance to have it's very own day, its an awesome thing. It gives us an opportunity to not only CELEBRATE this beautiful dance but to also educate.
    Here in Aus, I have found Orienal dance is growing and becoming much more acceptable, although there are still many raised eyebrows and still such misconceptions about what this dance portrays.
    I'm very excited about days such as this one where we can show our communities that this is a beautiful, ancient, art form to be admired and respected, and not frowned upon and belittled.
    Hooray!!!!! Hooray!!!! CELEBRATE.
    Keep dancing. And again thankyou for you're lovely welcome.
    Lotus Dancer
    Thank you Jenc, Ihave already written to her! I also think she has 2 workshops in Summer one on Taksim and another one on Melaya.... I think she has a zill one earlier this year! I will definitly try to get into her class!

    you are so sweet!
    Hi Caroline!

    Thanks for telling about the event! At the moment im outta job so I dont even go to Cambridge for classes, but I hope things go better soon and I definitly want to attend belly dance events here in the UK! So exciting!

    Best wishes,
    Hi Reen,
    Can you come to the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival this tear? the dates are the 18th -20th July.
    It would be lovely to meet you.
    Caroline x
    Hi Welcome to the Uk. Newmarket is about 40 miles from Colchester, so we may meet up some day. I will sned you details of anything good going on around here, or I might get up to cambridge if I hear of anything I want to go to.
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