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  • Hi Salome!
    Sorry for bothering you here, but each time I've tried to post the last 7h I've got "Database Error" (for some reason, visitor messages seems to be working).

    Hi Salome!
    I just paid for my thread "i am a supplier and i look for a model". I hope it will appear soon?
    And i am curious about this rates
    1 month-USD12
    2 months-USD20
    3 months-USD55.
    At first thought i was going to buy 3 months but realized it is indeed more expensive...
    Best regards
    I posted about changing my username on the forums, and was told it would help to send you a message directly if I wanted it changed. Could you possibly change my name from animadanza to Sophia Maria?
    Hi Salome,
    Please could you change my username from SnakeLady to Roshanna?
    Thanks, and sorry to bother you!
    Hi, Salome. I seem to be having e-mail issues so I am trying to reach you several different ways.

    Are you available March 31 (Saturday) for 1st choice or March 24 for second choice? I'd add the first weekend in April but is Easter weekend. Maybe the second weekend in April for the third choice? The dance studio is open after Zumba ends at 11:30.

    Also are you planning to fly into Casper or shall I arrange to pick you up in Denver (about five hours drive from DIA to Casper).

    I so hope this works out after a year of trying to juggle schedules. The teacher in Cody plans to come down with some of her girls and folks in the class I taught in Gillette are also interested so maybe we'll get a good turnout.

    Just a quick note to say thank you very much for all the work you do keeping the website running. It's one of my favorite places to visit as I always learn something.... or just enjoy watching the vids.... BigJim
    How have you been? I had a rough year, but I am doing much better health wise and dance wise! I was wondering if you could put some sort of sticky note or something to remind us to post what style dance we do when we ask generic questions like "what do I do with my hair (make-up, skirt, etc)?" since the answer to that makes a big difference in the responses! Thanks for your time! I hope you are doing well!
    Hi Salome, I'm interested to learn about advertising opportunities on the forums. Could you send me some information about pricing?
    Dear Salome!
    How are you?
    This summer i worked in Turkey, Alanya city, in the 4 and 5 stars hotels "Turkish night" perfomance. After 2 days i'll come back home to Ukraine. I have a great desire to work as bellydancer abroad. Could you please help me to find a job. Looking forward to get your soonest reply and for a long term mutual cooperation.
    Best regards!
    hi salome...just want to ask this can i change my name ? the name Lydia dubai?Thanks in advance have a nice day Lydia
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