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  • Dear Salome,

    I am from Vietnam, and we are organizing a Bellydance Contest in Vietnam for the 2nd time. It is much more than welcome if you or any instructures, great dancers like you or ones in your forums can participate in our contest as judger?

    Mostly we organise the contest with the purpose to increase the Bellydance community in Vietnam and Vietnam dancers can have chances to get the experiences and share them with foreign dancers. In fact, Belly Dance has just come to Vietnam for 3 years.

    I would highly appreacite if you can give me several suggestion about this? My email is

    Thank you so much!!

    Dear salime, im an owner of a disco and night club in baku and looking for a group of singers and dancers preferly rasian and Ukrainian. if u r interested please send me an email to
    Hello, all right?
    my name is Aline do Vale, I am Brazilian and I do not know much English .... I am in the FMH doctorate in Portugal in the specialty of Dance.
    I really enjoyed the articles you write. I would like to feel it in my thesis. So I need some information: your full name, year of publication of articles and whether these articles have been published elsewhere besides your site!
    I appreciate your attention now!
    Thank you for starting this forum. It is such a source of information that I would never had access to because of where I live at.
    Hey lovely! I know you're busy, but when you have a moment, could you tell me why my avatar picture never shows. I've tried several different ones, all jpgs smaller than 350x350 pixels and all smaller than 97kb. Do they need to be gifs or some other format? Thanks! :eek:)
    Salome - thank you for locking that thread - it was very upsetting to many of us to see what it became. You are a stellar moderator and thank you for running the forum in the manner that you do.
    hello Salome, my name is Craig, still relatively new to bellydance, but loving every moment of the road of discovery. I just wanted to thankyou personally, as silly as it sounds, a few years ago i saw some clips of your dance on the internet and was so moved by your performance that i said to my wife "thats it, i have to learn how to do this stuff". I have always loved to watch bellydance, i suppose i was watching through envious eyes, because now i am really doing my best to get to a good level, and really do want to go professional. but anyhoo, thats a loooong story. Cant beleive i have the opportunity to thankyou like this. but thankyou for inspiring me so, and for giving the world such beautiful art! Craig.
    Hi Salome
    Your pics are really beautiful!
    I am pleased to be here, finding lots of really interesting posts! :)

    Much love Bea xx
    I'll volunteer for moderator...costumes or meet and greet but whastever really. Yours Liz
    I really like the red veil Pic very romantic and very very seductive .... Your good with your eyes .. Ur best point in my opinion ..... HAve a great day Salome.
    Oh my gosh, Salome. Is that you in the cover photo of this forum? Gorgeous! I and my fellow belly dance enthusiasts here thought the girl in the picture is just a model, but you are a real belly dancer and a professional at that! Kudos, Salome! :)
    Dear Salome,

    I would like to change my username from Khaira to Kaidi. I did not find the place to do that in my profile. Can You help me?


    Hi Salome, I was looking over the forum today and noticed that you had a games and prizes section... what a great idea! I guess it's been a while since I've logged on ;)

    I'd like to offer you a promotional copy of my recently released book for the forum:

    Let me know if you're interested and we can brainstorm some ideas ;)

    Thanks and take care, ~Zanbaka
    Hi Salome,
    Mark's new signature line translates as "I don't suck p***y, I suck your d**k. His new "location" is "the land of d**ks, bordering on the land of belly dancers". WTF? What if my kids were looking over my shoulder?
    Hi Salome. I am finding some threads and posts from Gypsy to be annoying and disrespectful. How can I block her so I do not need to see her messages or she can't see my posts?
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