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  • *hugs* Thank you for the rep, Seona, but even more, thank you for your kindness and your own honesty. I'm very glad to have you for a friend. :) Mistakes are to learn from, and I've certainly learned a lesson from this. Now I'm hoping to somehow show my teacher how we are being (albeit inadvertently) offensive, without making her feel personally attacked. She's a very caring lady.
    Hi Seona!
    Just wanted to say thank you for the rep points you gave me.

    I wish you a pleasant weekend!
    Thank you, seona, you're so sweet! *hugs!* :D You're in luck, you haven't missed it. It's February 26th. When's yours, and do you have a Facebook? :)
    Thank you so much dear Seona!!! Nice meeting you and hope to see more of you around the boards! :D
    Hi Seona, I realized I never thanked you for the lovely message on my profile. I am so glad you like my work :) Thank you! Hop you have had a good start in the new year.
    We have four horses: a sorrel quarterhorse mare, a dapple gray mustang mare, a bay paint gelding and a black quarterhorse gelding. Are you a horse person?
    Nice to meet you seona.Look forward to getting to know you better. thanks for adding me as you friend. Hugs, shakti
    Thanks Seona and thank you for contributing. It might be 2010 but I often wonder how far removed we are from the hunter gatherer days, and the need to hang onto ancestral ties.

    Thanks so much for the rep!:D
    Thank you for the rep and the lovely lines you wrote in giving it! I love your avitar, by the way. Mucha?
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