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  • Tarik? Thank you very much for your reply to my last private message with you. I've been doing a lot of thinking since our last conversation.

    Thanks to your suggestion, I want more than ever to become a bellydance teacher. I know it's going to take a lot of dedication and hard work to reach that goal, but I'm willing to do what it takes to reach that goal. I want everyone who wants to, to learn the joys of bellydance. It hurts me inside that there isn't anyone in my area that isn't willing to take on male students as well as female ones. I want more than ever for everyone to have the chance to learn and love bellydance. Thank you so much again, Tarik. You are one terrific person! *hugs*
    hey - you don't know me as I am a new (to the forum and to ME dancing) dancer and just learning, but I wanted to say that seeing you on YT and hearing what you said about ME dancing made me decide to start training, too!

    Its kinda cool to find out that the person who provided the motivation to take the first step is on the same forum!

    Thanks, man, for being brave enough to step out and start! You made it possible for me, too.
    I would like permission to use your quote below for a non profit presentation on folk dance. I would like to credit you for being an important voice in the community for Egyptian dance. Your quote:

    "However, for White Americans and Europeans looking to capitalize on the dance commercially, it made much more sense to identify it with a mystical romantic vision of India and wondering Gypsies than it did to identify it with the African continent. There are still people who would like to believe that Egypt is located in some nether world called "the Middle East" rather than being a part of Africa populated by black and brown people. Especially when we consider that this Indian myth was created in the '60's when hippy children were running off to India to seek enlightenment and Afro Americans were kicking ass with the civil rights movement and the Black Pride Movements, India was a lot safer and less threatening than Africa."

    Thanks, Arwen Cochran
    Speaking of Egypt. ;) Do you know how things are going there? The news doesn't say much on the subject with everything that is going on in Libya. I don't know if you are at all religious but they are often in my prayers.
    heyyy...here you're popping by in October...let me know if you think you'll have time for some privates! or at least for dinner! lol. hope to see you.
    Tarik are you still on here....?? I just came across a vid of you dancing in Egypt back in '95 on youtube - and omg I had no idea just how wonderful I think your bellydancing is!

    If you're back in the northeastern area, I'd love to talk some more w/you :) If you contact me here I'd love to give you my personal email addy as well. Do let me know, and if not then hope to 'see' you on here again soon!

    Thank you! ^^;; I understand about needing to tend to offline life. My own is a bit crazy. Looking forward to reading your interview, and I'm glad for the times when you can be here. :) Take care, and be blessed as well, dear friend. :)
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