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  • Hey Yame! You are an incredibly gifted dancer! I really admire how dedicated you are to this art form. I hope to be as good as you someday. I also really respect how well-written and intelligently supported your posts are on the forums. :)
    Hi Yame & Happy Easter! I know that this is so random, but are you in Sarah Skinner's Shimmy Workout DVD? The left-side (Sarah's right) dancer looks JUST like you, & I seriously have to ask. Lots of love! <3
    hey how are you? i am new here and the world of belly dance seems nice. which form are you into? hope to hear from you :)
    Hi! Thanks for the 'like'. I think that's three I've received in the spam/troll thread. It's nice to be appreciated, even if all I'm doing is telling it like it is; at least the way I see it.
    Hi Yame!
    I wanted to rep you, but have to spread the love around some more. Just wanted to say you had some brilliant posts in Music Style versus Dance Style-thread. Thanks!
    Thank you, Yame, for getting down to meat and gravy of what I was trying to say in the flexibility thread. I tend to be very plain spoken and don't always get exactly what I mean across in the way I intend to. Much appreciated (tried to rep you, but was told to spread it around first ;)).
    I didn't actually mean to come to your page, t'was an accident, but hi anyway! Stunning pic by the way! :)
    hey yame I love your profile pic, I have to copy that makeup look for when I do My upcoming fairy festival, oh and I sent you a friend request on here and Bhuz.
    is that you? you're stunning! listen, i'm going to brazil in a couple of months, just for a week. do you think that you could help me to find a good teacher (that can speak english or spanish)for a private class while i'm there? we haven't had a confirmation on exactly which part of brazil we're going to yet, but chances are it will be wherever your political capital is located. i'd really love to learn from one of your dancers - you have so much talent in your country!
    How have I not friend requested you yet? :confused: I'm so sorry! :(

    I enjoy your posts very much, and think that you are a nice person. Hope to get to know you better in time. Have a great weekend! :D
    Thanks, I will try to send the wings this weekend cause I go to the US on monday.
    Need your address :)
    Hello Yame!

    The wings are still for sale! Will look great on you I think!
    If you want them its $38 plus shipping $18 and you can use paypal to: liza.grape@gmail.com

    That's because we keep an eye on new posters, even if they are already a member from before, some people become a member but start posting later.
    Yame welcome to the forum! I searched you on youtube Very nice preformances and your costumes are really pretty.
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