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    Dance improvisation to Solace's "Solitude"

    So after 12 years of study, lots of practice, and 8 weeks of beginner fusion bellydance classes earlier this year with a local school, I finally made a dance video that I'm proud of. I like the freedom of the label "creative dance," but I was wondering if my fellow dancers here would consider...
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    My experiences studying bellydance - "The Heart of A Bellydancer", Part 1 and 2

    My experiences studying bellydance - "The Heart of A Bellydancer", Part 1 and 2 I just uploaded a couple of Youtube vlogs yesterday where I talk about my experiences studying bellydance. I hope you like them.
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    Scoliosis AND knee issues AND plantar fasciitis

    Sigh. So I've been diagnosed with scoliosis. I also have knee issues and plantar fasciitis, making it hard to study, let alone create, dance. I've been living with bipolar disorder since my teens, and learning dance and movement arts starting at 27 helped a lot. I was hoping to create dance...
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    Singing bellydancer with finger cymbals

    Because of my left knee bursitis, which comes on and off depending on circumstances, I haven't been able to drill as much as I'd like to, but I've been able to grab at least a few minutes of dance improv each day. It's been demoralizing not to be able to put in enough practice, but today I...
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    In my other life as a dancing songwriter... This is a song I wrote several years ago and have performed many times since. It's on my album Girl on Hope you like it.
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    Seborrheic Dermatitis

    I've been dealing with seborrheic dermatitis since my teenage years. At first it affected my skin, then it left my skin alone but took over my scalp. I actually had beautiful skin in my twenties but lost a lot of hair in the front of my head. Then when I turned 30 I started having flaky skin...
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    Jewelry Making Kits (Beading and Wire Wrapping)

    So I've been inspired by Elen's amazing thread on her costumes to work on my sewing skills, and now I also want to learn jewelry making. I want to stick to beading and wire wrapping for the time being. I would like to get a jewelry making tool set to try out (below 100 dollars!). Are there any...
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    Hand Sewing Resources

    I've struggled with sewing machines on and off for years and finally gave up - I lost the pedal of my machine when I moved and didn't feel up to the struggle of finding a replacement. I did some hand sewing recently and liked how it looked, and how it felt to my brain. I realize that it takes a...
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    Greetings From Vancouver, BC

    Hi, I'm Sajia Sultana and I've been studying bellydance on and off since the fall of 2007, when I bought a Bellytwins DVD after seeing Rachel Brice on Youtube. I started taking live classes the following year. Because of mental and physical health issues I haven't been able to progress as far as...