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  1. Salome

    Lessons online during COVID-19

    Anyone interested: please post lessons you, or someone else, are giving online. Can be free or paid/donation class. There are more people doing this than usual with the shelter at home situation. Would be fun/useful to have a little directory of these for now, right? Aziza Online Class Hey...
  2. Salome

    At Home Hafla's

    Has anyone "tuned in" to one of these? There is one coming up this Saturday with a friend in it, so I am going to try and remember to be at my computer at noon. Below is the dope for anyone else interested (no affiliation/nothing gained): This Saturday 4/25, Asheq Collective is excited to host...
  3. Salome

    Input on the future of

    The future of has come up for me, now, because we are moving hosts. I would like your feedback while I think on what to do. Migrating and hosting multiple cpanels costs more $. That is one consideration. The other is that the navigation on that site is jacked up! Dead, missing and...
  4. Salome

    Moving to a new hosting provider

    I pay annually for hosting. My host, which is already quite expensive, has decided to charge for every cpanel used for each account. It used to be $432 a year, I've just gotten an invoice for $732!! They do not pro rate so I've ridden it out to the end of my service, which is this month (the...
  5. Salome

    Change the color of this forum - How to

    You have a choice of color schemes for the forum. Scroll to the very bottom of any page. At the very bottom of the page, on the left hand side there is an active text that says "Belly Dance...." default or green or brown or parent style. You have the choice of white, brown and a dark green. Enjoy!
  6. Salome

    Changes coming

    My trusty webmaster, Arun, is going to change our software! We have used vbulletin forum software for 15 years give or take. There is a different software that is more mobile friendly which in turn will help the forum be search engine optimized. That should give us a bit better ranking resulting...
  7. Salome

    Lurkers, yes you!

    Just curious why people that visit the forum don't register and/or post? There are on average 50 guests on the forum at any time. Why not register? Why not post? Inquiring minds want to know
  8. Salome

    Want to be a moderator?

    Hi, we have 2.5 active moderators on the forum. If you are interested in being added as a moderator here, please send me a PM or reply to post. The more moderators the easier the site is to keep spam free and pleasant. Thanks!
  9. Salome

    Porno spam?

    We seem to be inundated with pornography spam and links. I've gone through and deleted what I found but I still have private messages saying they're stil here and there. If you find any can you please send me a copy of the URL?
  10. Salome

    Should this forum close in 2018?

    Greetings! just taking the pulse of the community on this idea. Is it worthwhile to any of the members to keep the forum alive? This year marks its 15th year anniversary! Part of me would be really sad to retire BUT is it still meaningful to you? I'm evaluating this because...
  11. Salome

    We are back!

    Wow, after a long down time... Bellydanceforums is up and running. I'm afraid that the few people who were still coming may have wandered off for good after being offline for so long. If anyone is out there and still up for foruming, let's do it!
  12. Salome

    Bhuz is dead? Are we the last survivor?

    So, curious how bhuz is faring in the dearth of forums, I just popped over to see where they are at and bhuz is no longer. This is not new news to those of you who also participated there... but I am a little shocked to be honest. Jennifer James created Bhuz (late '90's?) and operated it for...
  13. Salome

    Check out our new costume sponsor

    Hey gang, Aida style is our sponsor this month. Take a moment to visit the new banner at the bottom of the forum, it clicks through to her site, check out her goodies :)
  14. Salome

    Tribal Fest Controversy

    This has been all over my facebook feed for a while. I don't have any involvement with Tribal fest, the producers, never been as an attendant etc. and I'm not trying to poke a bee's nest here... It sounds like some of the DJ's(?) involved in the event created a private facebook page where they...
  15. Salome

    DVD Giveaway - Dreamsbellydance

    Let's play again, shall we? This contest we have "Bellydance Instructional Level 1 with Nathalie". Pick a number between 1 - 100 and post it in this thread. We'll leave it open until June 30th and do the drawing to pick the winner. All members welcome to play...
  16. Salome

    Have a question for Sharon Kihara?

    Who doesn't adore Sharon? Beautiful, creative, great performer, unique :cool: We are going to do an interview with her for We haven't done one in a while! I like to leave a question or two up for our forum community. If anyone has something they'd like in the interview, post...
  17. Salome


    Visit for a list of belly dance teachers in Arizona.
  18. Salome


    Visit our sister site at the link below to see a directory of belly dance teachers in Arkansas
  19. Salome


    Visit our sister site,, for a list of teaching contacts in California Belly dance Classes in California Berkeley belly dance classes...
  20. Salome

    Belly dance CD Give away - pick a number!

    Sponsored by yours truly! The Prize A new copy of "Spice of Life". 14 tracks of original and traditional Middle Eastern and North African music for Oriental dancers. Listen to song samples at Joseph Pusey w/ Kevin Hylton and Bob Rause | Spice of Life | CD Baby Music Store Who can...