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  1. Farasha Hanem

    Would anyone be interested... a series of product reviews for makeup for bellydance? I want to get back into participating in the forum more, and this is definitely one area I know quite a bit about.
  2. Farasha Hanem

    Ask me for music if you want & Music suggestions

    Yes! We are here like Whoville on a speck of dust sitting on a clover! Welcome back, MizzzNaa! :D *hugs!*
  3. Farasha Hanem

    Catching up

    This has been a crazy year for our family. Hubby had surgery this summer, our daughter and son-in-law bought a new home, and as a bonus, they made THIS: :D
  4. Farasha Hanem

    Unintentionally disrespectful? o.0

    I recently found a new Hakim song that I love ("Madad" from his album, "Leyla"), but right off the reel, I suspected that it was a religious song, since the word "Allah" is repeated frequently. I finally got around to doing a bit of research, and sure enough, I found a YouTube video with both...
  5. Farasha Hanem

    Ten years since the Great Hack

    I remember when the forum was hacked by that particular group, and I remember that picture, but that was after 2006. I joined in September of 2007. Were we hacked twice, then? Also, this was the picture I thought I remembered. I thought they had ripped it off from Solace's "Eyes Like Cats" CD.
  6. Farasha Hanem

    Help! How do I save my hip scarf? :'(

    Lately, I've been taking an inventory of my dance costumes and accessories, and have found forgotten treasures, including my favorite hip scarf that I haven't worn for years, because the beautiful beading started unraveling. :( I'd quickly put it in a ziplock bag so as to not lose any more...
  7. Farasha Hanem

    Name something you bought this week!

    Hope I can include something the hubby bought me from Earthbound! :D He bought me a wrap skirt, and a pair of reversible wrap pants! :D
  8. Farasha Hanem

    Why, Natacha, whyyyyyyy??? xP

    Arrrrgh! I ran into a song quite by accident, and ended up liking it, a LOT, so I've tried doing research on it. It's called, "Ali Mullah," by Natacha Atlas, featuring Transglobal Underground: I've tried looking up the lyrics, and when that didn't happen, I tried to...
  9. Farasha Hanem

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    Helpful health tip: not only is adequate rest important as a dancer, it is also very important in order to properly help moderate a dance forum. Lack of sleep may cause a mod to get his/her wires crossed and read things that aren't there! :confused: :wall: :wall: :wall:
  10. Farasha Hanem

    Dance brother from China! :D Oh poooooooo, I'll have to edit later! xP
  11. Farasha Hanem

    Ya Wad Ya Wad?

    Does anyone know, or can translate, the lyrics to "Ya Wad Ya Wad"? I absolutely ADORE this song! :D Thank you in advance! :D
  12. Farasha Hanem

    Anyone else having trouble accessing the forum?

    I've been having trouble for the past two days getting into the forum. Has anyone else been having the same problem?
  13. Farasha Hanem

    For achilles007

    Hi, achilles007! I'm posting this in the Videos section, even though my topic is actually music related (I didn't want to bump out the poster who is asking MizzNaaa about a certain piece of music she's inquiring about). It was mentioned more than once that the music in bellydance is so important...
  14. Farasha Hanem


    Crap crap crap crap crap!!!! @__________@
  15. Farasha Hanem


    I was reading a Wikipedia article on Hakim, and learned that he sings "mawwal" in some of his sha'abbi songs, and from what I gathered, the mawwal is a type of vocalization before a song actually starts (I might have gotten my info wrong, though). Not sure of how a mawwal sounds, I'm posting a...
  16. Farasha Hanem

    To-the-point question... I too old? :( I've been so excited ever since I made the commitment to follow the dream I had only previously toyed with to become a bellydance teacher, and thrilled that I've made some major breakthroughs in the past year, at the young age of 53. Yet lately, one iconic mentor in...
  17. Farasha Hanem

    What is REAL Pharonic dance?

    I was watching a cute routine on YouTube recently, done to Hakim and Cleopatra's "Walk Like An Egyptian." Someone commented that it wasn't "real" Pharonic dance, and invited the dancers to come and learn from them (the dancers in the video made no claim to doing Pharonic dancing). I didn't know...
  18. Farasha Hanem

    Doing a LOT of rethinking

    As most of you know, a year ago, I had to quit my regular dance class because of an unexpected schedule change when our troupe had to find another studio (and I lost my ride due to the change). My first teacher, the young girl who lives in the same town as I do, said that when her new baby got a...
  19. Farasha Hanem

    Okay, I get that he's stopping her from getting married...

    ...but what else is going on in this video? o.0 tfUJojlDFbU