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    Your Favorite Songs to belly dance to?

    What are your top favorite songs to belly dance to?]Shik * Shak * Shok ??? ???? - YouTube Ill be getting more on later I need to go look up the names on my CDS!
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    They say "Im a belly dancer and I'm single"

    I always noticed "some" belly dancers claim to be single, though they have a boyfriend. Do any of you chose to do this and why? Here's my opinion on it. If I'm dating a guy while dancing I would not care to claim that I single. I would just be honest. Then when you dance at wedding the guys...
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    Tribal & Traditional The similarities & differences

    My question is how many of the same moves are used in Tribal and Traditional? What are the similarities and differences, you can define? I might not be the best person to explain the difference. However what, I do have knowledge of is the fact that.. Tribal is composed of dark, and Gothic style...
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    Going From one to another. A good idea?

    I was wondering what everyone thought of going from one belly dance teacher to another. For example take beginner one with Teacher. S and take beginner two with teacher K. The Intermediate with Teacher S and and Intermediate with K. Advanced with S, and same with K. I though it would be a good...
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    Chat for this site

    It would be wonderfull, if this site had a live chat! What do think?:)
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    Volunteer travel

    Does anyone know of organizations that allow you to travel and volunteer? I heard of one that allows people from the UK/USA to go to greece to help stray pooches.
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    is it just me or does?

    Is it just me or does... Nancy Ajram look like Bristol Palin sometimes and renne zwengler other times? Natalie portan, andkeira knightley, winona ryder faces look allot alike? Tarkan sometimes look like a Tukish Elvis? And Elissa the singer look like julie roberts?
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    Documentary BD

    Hellom I just found a documentary on Princess Farhana, the infamous vegas belly dancer. Enjoy! zJVcIbSdon4& For those of you who have not seen her preform look here xecMHPHV3lo& ps is it just me or does Princess Farhana have a modern day vintage belly dance vib to her? Any one else know of...
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    Thyroid Disease

    Typo I ment to put Thyroid Diseases in my subject line. I suffered with Thyroid Issues, I noticed a BD on here said she did to. Thyroid problems, can contribute to vitalago, goiters, staring eyes etc, weight issues such as having problems with losing tons of weight or gaining tons weight, and...
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    Short Hair..How short is to short

    Hey, I wanted to make this post regarding belly dance and short hair. When I say short I mean it does not touch the bottom of your neck. With that said Im referring to booth medium, short and very short hair lengths. I am taking belly dance seriouly and had considered wearing chin length...
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    This is my belly dance teacher. :) Just though I would share this with all you! YouTube - Sherena Performance at Shimmyfest Her official site: Home A Short Bio from Sherena's site: Lately I get asked alot of the same questions about where and how I started in Bellydance and where I draw...
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    Shakiras Hair

    My hair is a dark dark brown, sometimes it looks black but usually it appears dark brown. Each time I ask for this color I get yellow. Anyone know what I should tell the hair dresser and what to call it. Last time I showed her this pic and said I want dark blonde. I got yellow! Sigh anyone go...
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    Organizations You're In

    Besides Belly Dance, what other groups and organizations are you affiliated with? For Charity or fun! Im with Peta People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a local pet rescue, and a girls Tennis Legue.:dance:
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    Our Fur Babies

    I started this post so we could post photos of their fur babies/ pets. feather babies and scaled babies are allowed to. Heres mine Bratwurst Sorry if you where blinded by his cuteness:D
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    College Parties? To perform or not?

    Im a college girl, which means I get invited to college parties. However, once some of my peers learned I BD, they ask me to dance at their college party. Its in the Summer of 2011 hmmm...well let me say, Im fine with dancing at girl/guy parties. Im going to dance with two other dancers, one a...
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    A Tragic Death of a Beautiful Singer

    The beautiful and talented Suzanne Tamims, birthday passed four days ago. She was a talented singer, from Lebanon who was brutally murdered, by an Egyptian Tycoon, that had became obsessed with the starlet once she revealed she had no interest in him and wanted to marry another man, who was...
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    Deleted posts?

    My threads & post disapired I had 115. I ask for one thread to be deleted, of mine but now im downt to 20 post, is it a glitch on Belly dance forums? I think so because they even delted a post of me saying someones new puppies are cute, so im pretty sure its not the content for all of them ...
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    Afghan Dance

    Hey I just wanted to post a video of the Afghan Dance. Its a beautiful dance style. I wish i could learn it. But I can see both East Indian and gypsy style with in Afghan dance. Maybe some Armenian traditional to Unfortunatly the Afghan culture was nearly whiped out by the taliban. Its ashame...
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    Dances that compliment belly dance

    Hey, I was wondering what types of dance do you think compliments belly dance. Like, I think Hula compliments belly dance and is a good dance to take if your also taking belly dance.:D
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    Cute arabic music vids

    Here is a list of my favorite cute arabic music vids. Enjoy! Joe Ashkar - Habibet Alby YouTube - Joe Ashkar - Habibet Alby / ?? ???? - ????? ???? ROSY Hassan Abu Ali YouTube - ROSY Hassan Abu Ali- ARABIC EGYPT Roussy - Aiwa YouTube - Roussy - Aiwa Nancy Ajram - Mashy Haddy YouTube -...