A view of your country


There are members from many different nations here at bellydanceforums.net so why don't we make a game out of it and post/link a picture or video from to show where we all come from?

I just stumbled upon this video today. It isn't from my part of Norway or even the most well-known touristy areas, but it is still worthy of sharing:
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Of the many videos about Australia, I have chosen this one.



And this thread opened up a rabbithole of awesome tinfoiliness to me (via youtube) that has kept me entertained through 3 hours of food poisoning and sleep deprivation. :D


I do love it here, even in January, which I find a very trying month. I grew up on the gulf coast where flatness took on a whole nother dimension. I love my mountains and would not willing move away from them. This is essentially the view from my house though the photo wasn't actually taken from my house.



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Dixie National Forest.

I've lived here off and on most my life. I move and then can't wait to move back again. It's the mountains.

And of course Zions National Park is next door.


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Hi Shanazel. I sort of unplugged myself for NANOWRIMO a year ago last Nov and got out of the habit of even being online. Well that and the last time I tried to come back it was to read a post by someone (I can't remember who) about how they were giving up on dancing because of their fibromyalgia. It kinda hit close to home.

Other then that I'm still where I have always been... just not... you know... online.

But I've missed you guys!
Nice to see some of you are still here. :)


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Thanks Diamona. You're making me want to visit Norway.

Well, I've missed you, too. Did you get your novel written? Alas, that fibromyalgia plagues you.

Nope, still not written. I've spent the last year offline working on the setting and editing for other authors. It sounds more active than it really was. Really most of every day is just spent dealing.


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Amazing wildlife Victoria (home State)

White Night 2015 Melbourne – love it! Going again this year Feb 2016 for the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] year always different each year

Glimpses of Melbourne & surrounds

chch cathedral.jpgavon_christchurch.jpg

& last but not least My Birth City Christchurch how the magnificent Cathedral once was before Mother Nature tore the city apart & the lovely Avon River which meanders through the city. As kids we use to hire small canoes and paddle the river during school holidays, not sure if that is still allowed, as photos I've seen in recent years show men using poles in boats full of people, probably costs a bit too. Is it progress, I think I would still like to see kids having fun in single person canoes/kayaks.