Cane? dance


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"Ya Mohamed, quit dancing and give Uncle Omar his cane back! He needs to go to the bathroom!"

رقص اصحاب الصعيد رجولة وهيبة


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Use what ya got.

I love how you can tell that it’s actually a martial skill with how they were dancing.


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I have to admit, I love that clip. They're doing some variations in footwork I haven't seen before...the scarf being used as a tahtib stick...the improvised use of the walking canes. It's a treat to catch a glimpse of such an unfiltered experience!

I only wish there was better context. From the other clips on this channel, my hypothesis is that this was a wedding in Cairo with a Yemeni groom, so maybe that means the cane guys are the bride's family? I would think that if they were paid entertainers, they would have had more obvious costumes and more traditional props.

There are other clips on this channel described as the groom (same guy sitting on the dais behind the cane dancers) dancing at what appears to be the same event, doing what I saw years ago when I was doing some research on Hadhrami dance. This channel also has clips of men and boys at a different wedding and venue wearing Yemeni-style clothes (ma'awaz wrap skirts) and dancing al bara'a with jambiya (curved daggers).

Other than that, I'm not sure what I'm seeing, but it was fun!