How to use this forum: f.a.q. for the Etsy seller


The Etsy forum is intended for members to post Etsy related topics and for Etsy stores to promote their wares to our community. Retailers and eBay stores - please use corresponding forums. Please conduct business at your own risk.

Who can create a new thread in the Etsy forum?
Members with an eBay related topic and eBay stores with a dance or music related item for sale.

Is it free to post in the Etsy?

What is the policy for posting new threads?
If you want to feature more than one item please do so in the same thread. Do not post a new thread for multiple items in your store at the same time. If you have different items to feature in the future, you are welcome to start a new thread at that time (for example, let a month pass before starting a new thread).