Jewelry Making Kits (Beading and Wire Wrapping)

So I've been inspired by Elen's amazing thread on her costumes to work on my sewing skills, and now I also want to learn jewelry making. I want to stick to beading and wire wrapping for the time being. I would like to get a jewelry making tool set to try out (below 100 dollars!). Are there any brands that you would recommend? Thanks in advance.


I'm not experienced with kits, but get yourself a pair of decent pliers and you'll get far. :)
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Heh, I just happened upon a farmer's market today where there was this lovely maker of upcycled jewelry, and she said three good pliers were all I needed. So I guess I'll head to Walmart - yes, I know they're "problematic", but Michaels is overpriced and there really aren't any other art supplies stores in Vancouver aimed at a beginner's budget.


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Go to the local hardware store, and buy a set of brand name pliers. You'll thank me later...