Who's your favourite bellydancer?


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Samia Gamal for me, so graceful and elegant.

And of modern dancers, definitely Tempest. I love her style and sense of theatre.


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Aww thank you Belly Love:) I am flattered, humbled and honoured:redface:

My fav: the beautiful, fluid, talented Natalia Fadda. Also a HUGE fan of Daria Mitskevich, Kahina, Saida, Fifi Abdo.

I've also been very inspired by a dancer local to the area I went to University named Khizmet.
She was the first dancer I got to see in person that was just so easy and fluid. And I love her facial expressions. It's like it's dancing with her:)

She is also just a great person to be around and hilarious!
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Cassandra Fox...no....never heard of her...just kidding. I very much enjoy her dancing as well.

I keep changing, but I really like Sadie and Kaya the most..and Neon.


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Of past dancers, Samia Gamal. No question about it. She was the Sophia Loren of Egyptian bellydance. Love that smile. [Tahia Carioca was the Gina Lollobrigida of Egyptian bellydance, running a close second.]

Of present dancers.....I don't know. Last year I accidentally found a belly dancer on YouTube whom I was highly impressed with. She had several videos there and an Israeli-sounding name, about 25-35 years old, and she was also on Facebook. Any help in finding her again would be appreciated.


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dancer on YouTube whom I was highly impressed with. She had several videos there and an Israeli-sounding name, about 25-35 years old, and she was also on Facebook. Any help in finding her again would be appreciated.

Maybe Orit Mafstir?



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Forgive me if I misspell her last name...I'm sure everybody but me already knows about her, but I just watched a clip of Lotus Niraja and just loved everything about her and her dancing.


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Meital Sassi?

I just watched Meital Sassi dancing at an Iraqi hafla. Not her either, unfortunately, but thanks very much for telling me about her.

Funny though....a few hours ago I remembered that the dancer I remember had the word "Iraqi" in one of her videos. I never thought of Iraq as a bellydance-friendly country, but maybe I was wrong. I typed in Iraqi + belly dance and got many more hits than I would have expected. [Meital Sassi's video was there, so I watched it.]

I also remember that one of her videos was a Pharaonic dance, and I watched it despite the fact that I'm not a great fan of Pharaonic dance.

EDIT --- Found her, accidentally again. I went back to watch Meital Sassi and she was in related videos. Her name is Gal Shimron, and if she is mediocre please remember that I don't really know what to look for, so perhaps I was simply wowed by the production quality of her videos.
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From this Era? Ranya, Ansuya and I adore Aziza (the Argentinian dancer) in Egypt. But, I haven't seen any new Aziza videos and I hope she is doing well. I love earthy dancers; Ranya and Aziza fit that bill....Ansuya not as much.


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all the great old ones ,,
Naima Akef , Samia Gmal , Sohair Zaki ..
but my all times favourite is Taheyya Kariokka ,,


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Out of people who are strictly belly dancers...my favorites are Sadie and Kaya, and out of those two I prefer Sadie because I think her facial expressions are more natural.

I do not know many belly dancers, but I would agree on that. I think Sadie is absolutely fantastic. I hope to get to her level some day in the future! I will work hard to get there! And if I wont (which will probably happen haha) then I will know that I tried my best and I got at least somewhere:)
I like many belly dancer
some for beautiful hand movements while other for their attitude
but in all my favorite are Celeste and Amara.
Though I knew of belly dance for years, I'm still new when it comes to dancers. There are many that I don't know of yet, especially of the older dancers, but of the ones I do know, here is my list of favorite dancers-

Rachel Brice, she is one of my inspirations.
Blanca, I love how she does the slow moments.


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There are so many dancers I love. My list of inspirations is probably over 100.

I love a dancer who is themselves on stage, brings their own story and shares their love and their joy for this dance form. There are so many incredible dancers who bring it.

If I did pick one favorite though, it would be Nadia Jamal.

The best footage of her is on Rare Glimpses and at the Library for performing arts in NYC. But here is another clip of her I really like:

YouTube - Nadia Gamal - Nightclub Show