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    sidebending sidewinder?

    In my dance class we are doing a type of sidewinder where the figure 8 of the chest flows into a full side bend which is accentuated by the pushing out of the arm which becomes parallel with the torso? Does anybody know the movement I mean, and does anybody have much on it? (ie videos which...
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    How can I make a wig stay on?

    Hallo lovelies: I wondered if any of you have tips for making a wig stay on through some really intense head rolls and backwards bending... I'm just growing out my hair but I have a show soon and I want to go up there in a bit of a wig seeing as my 9-months-grown-out pixie is fine for everyday...
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    My shoulders are asymetrical!

    Hi all! I've been miffed for a long time over my asymmetrical shoulder technique. I posted a few months ago asking for advice and I received a very kind reply from a lady in traditional bellydance who said not to get hung up on my shoulders. I respect that, when I do Egyptian I'm much more...
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    Drilling movements and I cannot tell whether or not they are asymmetrical?

    Hello, After I've been drilling a movement for a while (I have the most trouble with omis/ pelvic circles and ribcage circles), I can't tell whether or not it really is symmetrical or if I'm drilling an asymmetrical movement into my muscle memory. I also know that my right shoulder is more...
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    How to do turkish-style beading?

    Hello lovelies- You know the sort I mean, all the lovely fringe? I've never beaded before, and instructions and tips would be wonderful. Thanks so much, Mina Mayhemme
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    DD tribal/ tribal fusion bra (where can I buy one, does anybody have one to sell)?

    Well... Ayyy vey my breasts are a pain when it comes to costuming. Sometimes I wonder if I'd prefer to have wombats strapped to my chest but that would a pain when it comes to costuming too. Because I've got school I'm not having very much of the time for the making of the costumes, or else...
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    Tribal headdress how-to?

    Hello lovely people, Soooooo... I have no idea how tribal headdress works. I have seen elaborate turbans and flowers and earrings and AAAAH! I don't know how these things are done! So if anybody has any tips on turbans, flowers... that would be great. Thanks!
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    Dropping to the floor while in a backbend?

    I've seen tribal dancers seamlessly drop to the floor while in a backbend, like Rachel Brice does at about 1:13 in this video: I cannot figure out the trick to this; I've attempted such a drop on a thick gymnastics mat and all it's yielded are a a...
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    Young Dancer in the Philadelphia Area

    Hi! My name is Lucie, my dance pseudonym is Yasmina. I live near Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania. I'm a freshman in high school. I've been dancing for about a year and a half. Although I've generally only done Egyptian Oriental and American Cabaret, I'm very interested in other forms of dance...
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    Costuming for audience of mixed race teens?

    I attend a boarding school at the moment, and the school is nice enough to let me use their dance studio, which is heaven, let me tell you. Such a lovely space, perfect acoustics, lots of mirrors. I am expected to perform in return for this. Normally, I would don a choli and several layers of...